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Isabelle Bester

Corporate Health & Wellbeing Consultant
Trainer and Executive Coach

Isabelle Bester

10 years international experience for Fortune 500, specific expertise in resilience, team synergy, energy management, health and well-being at work.

Email: isabelle@besterconsulting.com
Tel: + 41 79 621 46 76
Languages: English & French


Stephanie Violland

Organisational Change Consultant
Trainer & Executive Coach

Stephanie Violland

12 years’ experience in senior HR management positions in international organisations, specialist in HR transformation strategy and implementation, change management, HR operational effectiveness, international project and cross-cultural team management. 

Email: stephanie@besterconsulting.com
Languages: English & French

Claire French

Leadership Programme Expert
Design & Delivery

Claire French

25 years experience in designing and delivering leadership programmes for global organisation such as Oracle, EY, adidas Group, Merck KGaA, Iberdrola, Unilever and NBC Universal.

Email: claire@besterconsulting.com
Language: English


Simone Reeves

Simone Reeve

20 years of international experience, former Global Head of HR.
Currently focused on Team and Leadership development and Organisational Health and Effectiveness, Systemic Change, Culture & Future of Work.

Languages: English, French, German & Spanish

Hélène Ducret

Hélène Ducret

30 years of professional experience, Certified Professional Coach and HR Learning & Development specialist, holding a Swiss Federal diploma in Banking and Business Administration, a certificate in Adult Training and several professional certifications in Management and Leadership Development.

Email: helene@besterconsulting.com
Languages: English, French, German & Swiss German

Daniela Rusu

Daniela Rusu

With over 20 years of international
experience in digital communications,
branding and leadership coaching and strong expertise in resilience, communications skills
and conflict resolution.

Email: daniela@besterconsulting.com
Languages: English, French & Romanian

Nathalie Baron

Nathalie Baron

18 years of international experience in talent development, leadership and career
management. Strong expertise in
accompanying female leaders.

Email: nathalie@besterconsulting.com
Languages: English & French

Greg Bishop

Gregory Bishop

20 years of international experience working with, and for, SME’s and companies such as Orange Mobile, Barclaycard, Ericsson, and American Express Global Business Travel. 

Email: greg@besterconsulting.com
Languages: English & Swedish




Dr. Shem REECE, D.O., MSGH

Medical Doctor
Health & Wellbeing Trainer & Coach

Dr Shem Reece

Medical Dr with expertise in public health,
health maintenance & performance,
preventative care, patient counselling &
mental health.

Email: shem@besterconsulting.com
Language: English

Anna-Katharina Mörike

Work Psychologist & HR consultant
Case Manager & Coach

Anna Morike

15+ years in HR, consulting and coaching experience for international and local
companies. Highly experienced in health at work promotion, burn-out (prevention,
detection, treatment and back to work
support) and case management.


Languages: French, English & German

Christine Brun

Nutritionist & Stress Management Expert
Health & Wellbeing Trainer & Coach

Christine Brun

10 years+ experience in maximising
individual’s performance through specific
nutrition and recovery techniques.

Email: christine@besterconsulting.com
Languages: French, Spanish & English

Christine Dennis

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Energy Management Expert
Health & Wellbeing Trainer & Coach

Christine Dennis

15 years+ experience in Maximising
Individual’s Performance and improving
global health with natural solutions. Expert in PEPIT Performance & Resilience biological assessment and follow-up.

Email: christine@besterconsulting.com
Tel:+ 41 79 66 694 64
Languages: French & English, German good comprehension


Olesya Nazarova

Business Development & Marketing Consultant

Olesya Nazarova

10 years of international experience in brand-building, entrepreneur, brand-storyteller, specialist in digital marketing, CRM.

Email: olesya@besterconsulting.com
Tel: + 41 79 194 55 01

Ekaterina Filippova

Digital Marketing

Ekaterina Filippova

Digital marketing professional helping consultants, trainers and coaches attract the right clients in a structured and authentic way. Digital media lecturer. Focused on
LinkedIn content and lead generation.

Email: ekaterina@besterconsulting.com
Languages: English & French

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Bodzerane 2,  1172 Bougy-Villars, Switzerland.

email: isabelle@besterconsulting.com   
tel: +41 79 621 46 76

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Dynamic, structured and interactive

It delivered great Resilience Trainings. Their work evoked a level of self-awareness within the group which opened up a path to build their resilience. It's approach was dynamic, structured and interactive. It allowed space for people on our team to gain both knowledge and self-awareness, and to reflect and to grow from there. It was a pleasure to have them at the ICRC and we look forward to welcoming them back to continue their work on personal resilience.

ANDREA PINK, Head, Global Talent Management Division, ICRC